Michael BurtInstructor

    Mike served over 21 years in the United States Air Force as an UH-1N Flight Examiner and Master Instructor UH-1N Flight Engineer. Mike has had a distinguished career in aviation operations as an operator, manager, and USAF aircraft mechanic. He has been involved in USAF aviation operations on a global scale since 1994. He is an expert in scheduling, training, operations, management and leadership. He has over 4500 flight hours supporting worldwide airlift operations and flight training. Mike managed personnel, schedule, training and aviation operations, and equipment of numerous Air Force units. He managed all aspects of a $15M UH-1N SMA training program to provide combat ready personnel for six Major Commands. Mike was instrumental in ensuring accuracy and currency of syllabi of instruction for five UH-1N SMA qualification courses. He directed operations, evaluations, testing, and modification of six aircrew training devices allowing training of 230 students annually. Appointed as subject matter expert for $8M simulator acceptance testing for first-ever, full-crew UH-1N flight simulator, all while he conducted platform and combat flight instruction during all phases of initial qualification, mission qualification, re-qualification & upgrade courses. Mike has Instructed aircrew in basic and tactical employment of the UH-1N in low-level, remote, formation, high-density altitude and aerial gunnery operations. He validated FE/SMA training and readiness through initial, periodic, and no-notice flight evaluations. Mike has supervised standardization and evaluations office, overseeing 692 flight evaluations annually. He also advised three Iraqi helicopter squadrons flying Mi-17/UH-1HP aircraft and trained over 90 aerial gunners to enable transition of air sovereignty back to Iraq and is very experienced with M-240 machine gun.


    • Aircraft Maintainer
    • C-141 & C-130 Flight Engineer (Instructor)
    • UH-1N Flight Engineer (Instructor & Evaluator)
    • USAF Advisor in Iraq (Air/Ground Operations)
    • UH-1N Flight Engineer (Instructor & Evaluator)
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