John E HughesCOO, Co-Owner

    John has over thirty-five years in the Security and Intelligence industry.  His experience can be best summarized by the following: Having professional, tactical and special mission experience with the Army’s Special Operations Forces (SOF). Planning, managing and executing the protection of high value targets in non-permissive to permissive environments for Department of State (DOS) and Department of Defense (DOD) under contract.  Collecting, analyzing and reporting intelligence gathered from many formats to support mission requirements. Advanced knowledge of research and development, operational test and evaluation and the procurement process for both DOD and Law Enforcement communities. Understanding, implementing and testifying to state and local laws as a police officer. Resourcing, planning, implementing the full gambit of live fire range operations insuring safety is paramount. Responding to high risk calls involving known and unknown IED’s.  Managing, training, conditioning and implementing K-9 programs for security and law enforcement needs.


    • New Mexico Regulations & Licensing Department certified Private Patrol Officer #3255
    • New Mexico Regulations & Licensing Department Instructor #0148
    • New Mexico State Department of Public Safety Concealed Weapons Instructor #620
    • New Mexico State concealed weapon #89690
    • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor #141531463 (Handgun, Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, and Precision Rifle)
    • Law Enforcement Officer- North Carolina
    • State and Federal Certified K-9 Instructor/Kennel master
    • Department of State WPPS I and WPPS II Certified; EEDH, ERT, PSD, DDM, Shift Lead
    • Department of Defense Instructor- Handgun, Rifle, and Precision Rifle/Sniper
    • US Marine Corps Assault Breacher
    • DOD shoot house instructor certified
    • H&K International Training Division – Tactical Handgun, Subgun/Select Fire, SWAT/Tac Team I, II, Instructor Executive Protection
    • Ranger, Halo, Scuba, SEER
    • Central Intelligence Counter Proliferation
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