3D Security Training Solutions

From self defense for yourself, your family, your business, or protecting others as a security guard, 3D STS offers customized training programs to best suit your goals. The foundation of training will encourage your ability to detect threats, deter the onset of threats, and finally how to defend yourself should that threat persist.

Individual Self Defense

Firearms Education and Skills

Security Officer New Mexico State Certification

Corporate Training

Self Defense

Self Defense courses teach self defense strategies to support the 3D philosophy of Detect, Deter, Defend. Course is available for men, women, and children.

Firearms Training

Whether you are beginner or an experience firearms owner, firearms training will improve your knowledge, skill, and confidence with firearms handling.

Security Officers

Individual seeking Security Officer certification in New Mexico, will receive training and guidance in obtaining certification and employment.

Corporate Training

Businesses and their employees face real threats to their safety each day in our community. Obtain training for your workforce with a corporate training in workplace violence.

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